About Us

The beard is a brotherhood, an outward sign of an internal desire to live life on your own terms. When you pass another brother, regardless of whether you're on a city street or exploring the Kalahari, you give "the nod", the beard serves as a bond between you.

It's because of this bond that we use only the very best ingredients in our products- the highest quality essential oils and extracts from reputable suppliers who take the health of your beard as seriously as we do. Our oils and tonics are crafted in small batches to ensure that they are at their freshest and most potent when you use them. We do all this because you are our brother in the beard, and we would never sell you something that we wouldn't use ourselves.

The spirit of Colter's Tonic is the spirit of John Colter himself. He didn't win by luck or flashy skill, but because of what he had gained by living life to the fullest: preparation, perseverance, and courage. So here's to each of you, our brothers, who strive daily to live with the Spirit of Colter.