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  • Daniel Norris is the Raddest Guy in Baseball

    To say that the Toronto Blue Jay's #1 prospect Daniel Norris marches to the beat of his own drum is an understatement. He lives in a '78 VW Bus Westfalia named Shaggy that's parked behind a Wal-Mart, cooks everything on a portable camp stove and shaves with an hatchet. Oh, did I mention he has a devastating 92+ mph fastball in his repertoire of batter-freezing pitches? Well he does. With baseball season just heating up here's your new bearded hero to cheer for!    For more info check out ESPN the Magazine's interview here. 

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  • Colter's Tonic Beardapalooza!

    It's that time of year again, when you get everyone awesome gifts and are rewarded by bunch of socks and lame DVDs (oh yeah and some warm, fuzzy feelings or something). But don't start drowning your sorrows with Chunky Munkee just yet, because Colter's Tonic has your back! Starting tonight, we will give you the gifts your beard has been not so secretly wishing for: Beard Oil, Tonic, Combs, Shirts, and more!  So how does it work you ask? Easy: Go to any and all of Colter's Tonics social media pages and LIKE and SHARE this picture using the #hashtag #runwithcolter (so we...

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  • 15 Best Bearded Halloween Costumes

    It's that time of the year where you can be anything/anyone you want and even better, you have the ultimate accessory: your beautiful beard. Time to have some fun. Here are some of your best bets: 1. Walker, Texas Ranger Chuck Norris is the man, his beard alone is one of the natural wonders of the world and I have it on good authority that it literally can do anything. Just make sure you practice your roundhouse kick before you bust it out in the dance circle.    2. Aladeen, The Dictator  Any costume that can require the help of some females...

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