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  • Colter's Tonic Beard Coaching Series - Andrew Palmer of the Northern Beardsmen

    Most men can grow a "pretty good" beard without a lot of help, but for us, "pretty good" just isn't good enough, we want a "Damned Great" beard, and when you want your beard to be the best, it's time to turn to THE BEST for a little advice.... Beard Coach Tuesdays: once a week some of the best beards around share their beard growing wisdom, tips and favorite gear- everything you need to know to take your beard to the next level. 


    Our beard coach this week hails from Northern Wisconsin and has a beard that even Yetis are jealous of! Presenting Andrew Palmer of the Northern Beardsmen


    So you've decided to grow a beard and wrestle bears like me eh? Congratulations! How do you take care of a beard so it grows into something magnificent and luxurious? A beard worthy of multiple compliments and the envy of non-bearded males? I'm five months into my yeard and here to share some tips, and tell you how to avoid beard itch when you first start growing. Genetics come into play heavily, and everyone is unique. What works for some won't for others. My routine is fairly generic so feel free to experiment and find out what works for you. When it comes to bear wrestling you're on your own, as bears flee before my beard nowadays (I'd suggest starting with bear cubs though maybe. 

    My Routine:

    First off I suggest you throw away all your razors unless you manscape (no judgement here).

    During the first month or so all you will need is some lotion. Yes, lotion. Preferably one with aloe. You need to keep that skin conditioned. When it dries out that's what causes the dreaded beard itch. Apply it once a day or whenever it's itchy.

    Next up, after 6-8 weeks you may need to start shampooing and conditioning those facial follicles. I suggest shampooing and conditioning your beard every other day (there are natural, beneficial oils in there that washing frequently removes). I started using normal hair shampoo and conditioner at first, however there is a multitude of beard care products available. (I currently am using Bluebeards Original brand beard wash and wonderbeard intensive repair as conditioner)

    Once you start shampooing your beard you're gonna want to get some beard oil for that mane. It works wonders. I apply it everyday after I hop out of the shower and run a standard hair brush through it (haven't tried a beard comb yet). Oil makes it nice and soft, (the ladies will love touching, stroking, and fondling it. Trust me.) Scent and consistency are big factors here. Most oils out there use the same principle base oils and then add essential oils for scent and nourishment properties. Try some out and see what you like. Sure they can be pricey but most companies offer sample bottles at a lower cost and trust me, a little goes a long way. (I myself use Colter's Tonic beard oil.)

    Colter's Tonic also makes an actual tonic that I splash on once or twice a day. It provides aloe to sooth the skin and other vital ingredients for your beard and skin underneath. Hell, it even contains whiskey. It smells so good I never use cologne. True story.

    I haven't allowed scissors anywhere near my beard, not even the 'stache. You may want to trim your mustache from time to time, Idk. I use hair wax sometimes to tame mine and style a twist.

    That's about it. So be a man, and grow what you can. Beard on! 

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