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  • Colter's Tonic Beard Coaching Series - Kyle Coots of the Bearded Avengers

    Most men can grow a "pretty good" beard without a lot of help, but for us, "pretty good" just isn't good enough- We want a "Damned Great" beard - and when you want your beard to be the best, it's time to turn to THE BEST for a little advice.  Introducing Beard Coach Tuesdays- once a week some of the best beards around will share their beard growing wisdom, tips and favorite gear - everything you need to know to take your beard to the next level. 


    AAAANDDDD NOWWW... Introducing.....Beard Coach Kyle Coots. Kyle is President and Founder of The Bearded Avengers beard club and the owner of one hell of an amazing beard.  


    A Beardsmen’s Guide to Care and Styling

    Being a beard and mustache competitor you’re approached with various questions. One being "what kind of products do you use?"  Or "how do you take care of it?" And the most famous one, “Doesn’t it itch?” But if you’re a real beardsmen and beard lover you take proper care of your beard.

    My Daily Routine:

    I enjoy using beard oils. They smell amazing. My wife buries her face in my beard every time I put it in and it makes my beard feel so soft and smooth. Before applying the oil I like to shampoo and condition my beard.  I usually use whatever my wife has in the bathroom! Word of caution: when you dry your beard you can use a blow dryer but keep it back away from your beard so you don’t accidently singe it! OUCH! Then use a towel but try to not pull on your hair just dab it. Then squeeze a couple drops of oil into your hands, depending on size of beard of course, you may need more. Apply thoroughly throughout your beard and try to work it into the roots.

    When it comes to brushes I will reveal my secret here: I use an angled Cat Hair Brush to comb my beard. It helps separate the hairs evenly and doesn’t pull on them. Starting from the back of your beard and brushing forward, with the oil applied your brush should go through smoothly, but be careful to not pull too hard cause you may yank hairs out. Nobody wants to lose a soldier!

    Thoughts about trimming:

    Think of your beard like a bush outside - the more sunlight it gets the more it will grow, when you trim and take care of it, it will grow. Trim the split and dead ends every 6 months. Some people trim, others don’t, so that is truly on the beardsmen. But trimming does help maintain a healthy beard. If you do choose to trim I highly suggest purchasing a pair of quality barber scissors because they cut more evenly then a simple pair you can get at the store.



    Styling tips:

    When it comes to styling, I use a couple different products. If you are going to style, I do not suggest using oil beforehand it always stays better when I don’t. There are several different styling products out there but the best combo I have found to use so far with my handlebar mustache and my wave styled beard is Got2b Glued and Clubman Mustache wax. My wife starts out with straightening my beard. Yes, every good beardsmen usually has a wife or girlfriend, and you have to ask for help at times. She uses the flat iron to curl the beard and applies Got2b throughout my beard, then we put in curlers and roll them into place and hairspray it all. Let it set for about an hour or so then unroll.Take the Flat iron to your mustache and twist the hairs together and run it through. Now you will apply Got2b and take your curling iron and gather all the hair together at a point on one side and start at the tip and curl in towards your face but keep it straight so you don’t have a crooked curl. Take the Wax and slow work it threw the curl and start to form it with your fingers. You can also repeat the curling iron after applying the wax and then just reapply more wax and when finished and satisfied just shoot some hairspray on it and use the blow dryer to make it solid.

    On the off days when you just feel lazy and don’t want to style your beard, make sure to at least wash it, apply oil, and brush. I brush my beard at least three or four times a day but that’s just cause I’m in love with my beard! I truly hope this is helpful and guides you in a path to finding even your own routine and oils that you enjoy using. As my fellow Club Member says “You never know until you let it grow!”

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