Of Beards And Men....

  • Colter's Tonic Beardapalooza!

    It's that time of year again, when you get everyone awesome gifts and are rewarded by bunch of socks and lame DVDs (oh yeah and some warm, fuzzy feelings or something). But don't start drowning your sorrows with Chunky Munkee just yet, because Colter's Tonic has your back! Starting tonight, we will give you the gifts your beard has been not so secretly wishing for: Beard Oil, Tonic, Combs, Shirts, and more! 

    So how does it work you ask? Easy: Go to any and all of Colter's Tonics social media pages and LIKE and SHARE this picture using the #hashtag #runwithcolter (so we can track it better)

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                                   Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest

    The more times you do it, the better chances you have to win! 


    That's not all, if additional entries you can:

    Sign up for our awesome newsletter

    LIKE our Facebook Page

    FOLLOW us on InstagramTwitter and Pinterest

    SHARE pictures of radtacular beards

    Make a purchase and we could throw a surprise in there

    Anything else that's awesome! 


    So start sharing and liking and following so we can start giving stuff away!

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