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  • "How I use Colter's" - Chris Jones- Blender of Colter's Tonic

    Using Colter's Beard Oil-
    •  I generally use the oil first thing in the AM, after my shower with my beard toweled dry, and before I comb it.
    •  I keep my beard trimmed to roughly 1.5-3" and it is curly and fairly course (thick hair) and I find that about a dime to nickel size pool in my palm is about right (ends up being about .5-.75 ml)
    • My partner's beard is approx. 6-8 in long and similar in texture- he uses about a quarter size pool (1ml)
    • To apply the oil, I pour it into my palm, rub my hands together, and then work it into my beard, focusing on getting it into the roots and skin. I then comb it through to remove any excess oil and to "train" my beard's direction while it is moist and pliable.
    • Side note: After working the oil into my beard, my hands are usually a bit oily, fortunately, the oil is also great for the skin on your hands, so I work any excess into the backs of my hands- it has done a great job of keeping them from cracking and getting too dry. 
    • I generally use the oil once per day, except if I am struggling with dry skin, or during the winter, when I may repeat the above ritual in the evening as well. 

    Using Colter's Tonic-

    • I use the tonic during the day- usually at the same times that I comb my beard (after I eat, before a meeting or date, etc)- 
    • We created the tonic because we loved how the beard oil freshened/softened our beards, but did not like using it after we were dressed because we did not like getting oil on our clothes- The tonic is aloe based and non greasy so you don't have to worry about oil spots
    • The tonic also contains natural ingredients that can help with itch, so during the early  stages of regrowth, I tend to use more Tonic
    • The amounts I use and the method of application are the same as with the oil- pour a dime to quarter size pool in your palm (based on length/texture of beard) and work into your beard with your fingers, focusing on working it evenly from tips to roots/skin.
    • Afterwards, comb through to remove excess and train your beard. 
    I hope this helps get you started- please email us if you have any questions about how to use any Colter's product.
    We would also love to hear about how you use Colter's as part of your beard care regimen- email us at!
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    • Mark Neil says...

      This tonic of yours looks like a great product. I’m just unclear as to how you can give it a lasting scent with essential oil and have it not be greasy. I guess you use only a tiny bit of EO? I have a little bit of witch hazel and aloe gel on hand and thought I’d try mixing some to see how I like it compared to oil or balm, before purchasing. It turned out kinda gross, but it smells great! LOL I’d never heard of such a thing as tonic (that wasn’t just oil), but was watching a video of a guy who raved about your tonic, and the “non-greasiness” appealed to me. Take care.

      On February 12, 2015

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